We Won! We Banned Fracking in Butte County


Join us to Celebrate This Landmark Victory for Our Water

On Tuesday, June 7th, Butte County voters overwhelmingly approved a fracking ban in Butte County. In a landslide win, 71% of voters supported Yes on E, a ban on hydraulic fracturing, ensuring long-lasting protections for our water, our farms, and our children and grandchildren. We couldn't be more proud! Check out some coverage of the victory here


Vote YES! on Measure 'E' on June 7th! 


On Tuesday April 21, 2015, the Butte County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 (Wahl dissenting) to ban disposal and storage of fracking byproduct waste water in injection wells. While FFBC has been working for a full ban on fracking, we generally feel that passage of this ordinance is good news and a major step toward protecting our aquifer from fracking-related contamination.

Kudos to the Board and to all our supporters and concerned citizens who have worked so hard over the past few years. We’re not done yet, as the ordinance to ban all fracking activities will be put to the voters in June 2016, but this is definitely a victory worth celebrating.



Water is Butte County’s most valuable resource, with Northern California providing over 85 percent of all of California’s water needs

Frack-Free Butte County is a grassroots group of citizen-advocates and volunteers seeking to protect our good groundwater and healthy communities from the risks of hydraulic fracturing and other toxic stimulation methods used to maximize fossil fuel extraction.

Butte County hosts no oil deposits, and a very modest amount of natural gas. About 20-30 wells are currently producing gas, while some 200+ wells are inactive or plugged.

Any of these existing gas wells may be subjected to stimulation via fracking, acidizing or other technique to release natural gas trapped in pockets in a sandstone formation.

Any of these existing gas wells may be utilized for disposal of 'produced' water from fracking and other fossil fuel extraction, from wells in or outside of Butte County. 

Butte County's aquifers are at risk of contamination from risky fracking and poorly-monitored fracking waste disposal.  

Frack-Free Butte County is pursuing several avenues to fight efforts taken by the oil industry and its front groups.

We are fighting fracking in the County as well as hazardous oil trains traveling through the County and state.

The oil companies will spend millions of dollars to keep our proposed initiative off the ballot - they already succeeded in delaying the ballot initiative until June, 2016.  Now we must all pull together to counter their heavy spending by supporting the County's proposed ban. 

Here’s how you can help:

¨    Post a lawn sign 



¨    Contact your County Supervisor TODAY to urge a vote on a binding ordinance against fracking as soon as possible.

-     Make a donation of $20 or more to: Frack-Free Butte County, PO Box 6395, Chico, CA 95927

¨     Volunteer at the FFBC website by clicking the Volunteer button   

¨     Write a letter to the editors of our local papers in support of a ban on fracking and fracking waste disposal.

¨     Check out our latest news on our Facebook page and like, comment, post and share 

¨     Sign up to volunteer for our Farmer’s Market table – reach out to the community for a few hours each week/ month.  

¨     Host an event aimed at reaching out to friends, neighbors and like-minded supporters. Past events include wine tasting with an Amador County expert, beer tasting with a local brewmaster, and the late winter supper featuring wild-caught game and farmer’s market fare. Last April our spring cleaning sale netted close to $1200, and the Musical Chairs Project featuring a summer evening w/local musician Stevie Cook brought in over $1600. Events like these promote our cause while engaging the local community in your private setting, indoors or out. Our fundraising team is available to advise and assist.

Frack-Free Butte County’s goal continues to be to ensure Butte County’s water supply is safe, clean, and abundant and to protect the County’s agricultural legacy.

# # #


Dear Fellow Supporters,

The time has come for all of us to redouble our efforts to safeguard our community’s water resources. We knew it would happen at some point—the oil and gas industries would reach into their deep pockets and pull out some pricey tricks designed to foil our attempts to ban fracking in our own county. And now they have! 

The coming months are crucial to protecting our water and air, our health and safety and the food grown in Butte County that feeds people all across the country! We cannot ban fracking without your help. Frack-Free Butte County wants to be your megaphone too.

As always Frack-Free Butte County’s main goal continues to be to ensure Butte County’s water supply is safe, clean, and abundant and to protect the County’s agricultural legacy.


The Frack-Free Butte County Team


Water Is for Growing, Not Drilling

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  • The Primary Election is this June 7th and Butte County residents have the opportunity to vote to BAN FRACKING! We can make that decision now, instead of corporations shoving it down our throats. Vote for a healthy, safer, secure future which will protect our precious water for generations to come.
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  • How do we move away from fossil and fracked fuels? We create #frackfreeculture! join GRUB chico for #frackfreefriday community potluck dinner on december 12 2014! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=726563457428549
  • Please join us to protect our precious water supply now and into the future. There are safe alternative methods to fracking…there is no substitute for clean water.